name interview

Name Interview: Casimir

A traditional name for medieval royalty in Poland/Lithuania (including Casimir the Great and St. Casimir), Casimir is relatively unheard of in North America. I interviewed the parents of a Casimir I know about how they chose that name, and I also asked Casimir himself for his opinion. Quick Facts Name: Casimir Name pronunciation: KAZ-ih-meer Birth year range: 2018-2022 Location: United States (west coast at birth, east coast now) Name popularity: Casimir first showed up in the US baby name data in 1894. Depending on whether you look at ranking or number of births, it peaked in either 1917 (205 births, […]

Name Interview: Indigo

I spend enough time on name websites that I probably saw Indigo on some list or other previously, but the first time I really noticed it as a name was when some friends chose it as the name for their baby. It’s a name I never would have chosen, but I could immediately see the appeal: as a modern word name, Indigo has the advantage of being an uncommon name while still being familiar to say and spell. It has a soft, gender neutral sound, and lots of nickname potential (this Indigo sometimes goes by Indy, but I also love […]

Name interview: Juniper

When I was telling you how to name a baby, I mentioned that I know more children 5 and under named Juniper than any other name, even though it’s not actually that popular overall. I was very interested in this sort of niche popularity that Juniper has, so I interviewed the parents of one of the Junipers I know about how and why they chose that name for their daughter. The questions were mostly answered by Meggie, Juniper’s mother, with some input from Nick, Juniper’s father. Quick facts Name: Juniper Name pronunciation: joo-nih-pur Birth year range: 2018-2023 Location: Halifax, Nova […]