name game

Name game: Canadian prime ministers

Today’s name game is to choose a new name for yourself from the names of all the Canadian prime ministers and their spouses!  Here are the rules: Here is the list of Canadian prime ministers and their spouses (1,2). The married women on the list seem to all have used their husband’s family name after marriage, but instead of writing it twice I listed their family names pre-marriage: My choice: Sparrow Ok, it’s gotta be Sparrow, right? My current name is a classic English feminine name, so there’s plenty of opportunities on this list to make a lateral move to […]

Name game: Fantasy names

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m naming someone but I have to abide by a bunch of constraints. Today, the game is that we’re naming a baby, but we have to choose a name that was made up for a fantasy novel. Here are the rules: My choice: Tenar Tenar is a character from Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea series. I like her as a person, which I think would be important for a name that can be traced back to a specific character – she grows and changes lot over the books she’s in, and I think all in all […]